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Home Cleaning Services

Cleaning Rate Sheet

Our rate sheet is structured as “base-plus” because all homes are not created equal. Additional fees apply for extraordinary items as needed. We start with a base charge, depending on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the home. Base fees are based on homes and apartments with average1cleaning needs.

Our base prices2

Small Apartment/Condo

1 bedroom/1 bath

$70 Small House

2 bedroom/1 bath


2 bedroom/1 bath

$80 House

2 bedroom/2 bath

Large Apartment/Condo

2-3 bedrooms/2-2½ bath

$90 Large Home

3-4 bedrooms/2-2½ bath

Large Condo/House

4 bedroom/3 bath

$140 Large Luxury Home

4-6 bedrooms/4-5½ bath


Additional Cleaning Fees (sample)3

Refrigerator/Freezer interior

$10-25 Stove/Oven interior

Exterior Windows 

ground floor only unless accessible from inside (double hung)

$5 per sash Wide slat (drawstring) blinds

$2 per set
Window Screens

$2 ea Fireplace/hearth

Shed Interiors

$10-25 Garage Sweep


1Some homes and apartments need a great deal more attention than others. There is a surcharge of $25 - $50 (depending on the size of the house) for homes that are excessively soiled thus requiring additional labor hours.

2Although we make every attempt to honor the published price, actual prices may vary due to larger than normal square footage (i.e. a converted garage, a large terrace or lanai, additional ½ baths, more than one staircase, etc.)

3Why pay for something that you don’t need? For example, some kitchens have a brand new oven/range installed which does not need cleaning, some homes do not have a garage, yet others do not have a laundry room, etc. Calling for an in-home estimate will determine what additional charges may apply to your cleaning job. The list above is a sampling of items that incur additional charges.

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