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Suncoast 2nd Home Pricing

Home Watch Package Pricing

Home Watch Visits:

1 inspection visit – $65
2 to 5 visits – $50 per visit

Package Discounts:

6 monthly visits or more

1 inspection per month $210 (6 visits @ $35)
2 inspections per month $360 (12 visits @ $30)
4 inspections per month $600 (24 visits @ $25)

Home Watch Services that are offered as 6-month packages offer significant discounts. Our services are billed to the credit card of your choice and must be used within 12 months immediately following the first in-home visit. Contact us for more information.

We perform the Interior and Exterior checks, as described on the Services page, with every visit to your home. However, every home is different and every homeowner has different needs. In an effort to keep our prices low, we meet individualized needs through our A la Carte Services below.

  • FREE Post-storm inspection with photos/video and detailed report after named tropical storms & hurricanes that affect Florida's Suncoast for all clients who purchase six-month packages. Our clients are like family. The most distressing event should not require an additional charge. We visit every home after every storm. Your peace of mind is our foremost concern.

A la Carte Services

Every home is different. Add-on services are intended to keep our prices low while allowing for flexibility if a homeowner has specific needs. When coinciding with a scheduled Home Watch Visit:

  • Watering indoor plants – $3 per visit/watering occasion (all plants per homeowner instructions.)
  • Starting your car and running idle for 15 minutes – $3 per start
  • Meet delivery and/or repair & installation personnel – $40 per meeting

The services below may or may not coincide with a scheduled Home Watch Visit

  • Closing your home upon departure – $35The front of a beautiful vacation home.
    • Empty perishables from refrigerator
    • Empty and turn of ice maker
    • Close blinds and curtains
    • Set A/C to away settings per client preference
    • Unplug electrical items
    • Turn off water at house
    • Turn off breaker to water heater
    • Cover toilets with plastic wrap and shut off valves
    • Shut off water to washer
    • Bring in patio/deck/lanai furniture
    • Ensure trash removal
    • Check security of doors and windows
  • Cleaning your home interior upon your departure or departure of a guest
    (includes all of the items in “Closing your home” above) – quoted individually depending on size. (starts at $85.)
  • Opening your home for arrival – $35.
    • Turn on electrical breakers
    • Turn on main water
    • Turn on water to washer
    • Turn on hot water heater
    • Turn on ice maker
    • Plug in electrical items
    • Adjust A/C thermostat per client preference.
    • Open blinds
    • Freshen toilets
    • Put out patio/deck/lanai furniture
  • Meet and greet guests and provide keys and entry to your home – $20
  • Perform light grocery shopping and deliver it to your home before your arrival – Cost of goods + $30
  • Meet delivery and/or repair & installation personnel – $55 minimum per meeting -- one hour (additional hours $20 each)
  • Respond to security alarm alerts and provide a report – $75 per incident
  • Clean exterior windows and sliding glass doors (ground level) – quoted individually
  • Sweep & mop balconies – quoted individually
  • Clean patio/deck/balcony furniture – quoted individually

We are open to special requests. Please just ask if there is anything not listed above that you would like us to do while you are away. Our goal is always for you to Arrive Worry-free. Leave Worry-free.

Arrive Worry-Free. Leave Worry-Free.